Top 5 Best Blue Light Filter Applications for Windows of 2019

  • According to research, the blue lights are the shortest wavelength of light and contain the highest energy. Blue light is very similar to ultraviolet rays and is unhealthy for our eyes, especially if one is continuously exposed to blue light. These blue lights generated from various electronic devices such as computer monitors, LED TV, and smartphones. To safeguard our eyes from these harmful lights, we have to take some precautions.

    By using blue light filter applications or a third party software, we can filter the blue light. So let’s discuss some best third-party applications for filtering out the blue light from a Windows PC.

    1. Iris- Premium and straightforward

    If you hate downloading free software that contains malware or popup ads, then this is a premium solution for you. You will have to pay a small amount to start with Iris, and this software is pretty straightforward. You can use it to filter blue lights, reduce brightness, and other display tweakings. It also has a free version that is known as “Iris Lite,” which is limited to some features. It has over 1 million users across the world. It is supported in Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

    1. Pango Bright

    This blue light filter app can be used in desktop computers and laptops. It usually reduces the overall brightness of your display, which will also reduce the blue lights. This software is entirely free of cost. If you work at night, then this is the best for you because in darkness, even at the lowest stat of brightness, your PC light may still be bothersome. With the app’s help, you will able to reduce the brightness by extraordinary levels. The installation setup is only just 97 KB, which consumes the least space.

    1. Redshift

    This is another blue light filter which is fully open source (you can find the source code on Github) and is available for free. It is specially designed for Linux, but it is also developed for Windows. This software is still under development, and you can experience bugs and errors at times.

    1. CareUEyes

    CareUEyes is a one-time solution to get rid of blue lights. It comes with a free trial for a few days. Past the trial you will be required to pay an amount to continue using it. This is good for the people who are less exposed to technology and just want a simple and easy to use application. You will get a slider to adjust the amount of blue light and one more slider to reduce the brightness. It also has multiple light modes for different purposes, such as office work, playing video games, and watching movies.

    1. Sunset Screen

    This software is entirely free to install and use. It can decrease the number of blue lights and leave your screen with the other lights. After reducing the blue light to its maximum potential, the screen would appear hot colored like a sunset. It has two sliders to maintain the sunset color and brightness. The sunset slider reduces the number of blue lights, which leaves your screen with sun color.

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