Can Dogs Eat Apples?

  • Every person treat dogs as a member of the family. they take participate in all the activities from waking up in the morning, watching tv, going for walk, having food together, playing, cuddling, or cheering up your mood to sleeping in the night. But we should never forget that they are not human beings. we always love to offer the food to the dogs what we are having but we should never forget that dog cannot eat all the food what we have it can be dangerous for their health so, it is very important to know/search or discuss to the vet about the human food before feeding them. Dogs love the crunchy taste of apples due to their natural sweetness. it also helps in satisfying their sweet tooth. As apple is a good source of vitamin c, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus it helps in clean teeth and improves the smell of their breath. Apples also help in reducing the chance of bone disease, boosts the immune system, improves skin condition, and even prevent the development of cancer. Apples can be quite dangerous if fed to dogs improperly, and they are not the right choice for every dog. For example, if your dog is diabetic they should have their sugar intact regulated, and apples have high amounts of sugar. It is important to only feed apples properly, or they can pose a danger to your pet. Large amounts can cause an upset stomach just like in humans, If you are feeding an apple to your dog the core should be removed for your dog’s safety. If your dog consumes too many apple seeds they can be poisoned, as apple seeds are toxic to dogs and people.

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