website blacklisted by google

  • Is your website consistently receiving warning messages that your site has been blacklisted by Google?
    Approximately 10,000 websites are blacklisted by Google every day and 90% of the blacklisted websites under hacked list. If you find you website blacklisted via Google, most probably, it is hacked.

    What is Google Blacklist ?

    World’s most trusted search engine is Google and there’s no doubt in accepting that! Google wants the users to have a secure browsing feel innately. From accessing a hacked WordPress website, the search engine avoids users from functioning it. You tend to receive a security warning in which it depicts visitors that the website is not safe to use and they must get back to the safe mode. Following up with the security warning where it is informed to the visitor that the search engine giant has various segments of warnings for sites that might be hacked and affected with malware. Talking further about sites that might not have malware but nonetheless has been hacked and can be keeping the hold of malicious activities.

    Following are the errors that may pop up on your screen:
    Deceptive site ahead
    Reported attack page!
    Suspected malware site
    Danger: malware ahead!
    The site ahead contains malware
    The website ahead contains malware!
    This website has been reported as unsafe
    The site ahead contains harmful programs

    Visitors are being manipulated through hacked websites getting involved into malicious activities such as buying illegal drugs or redirecting users to alternative sites that are specifically crafted to deceive them into sharing sensitive data such as credit card or bank account information. Google however works as a protector for the user. It helps blocking users from visiting hacked websites since Google wants its users to have a safe browsing experience.

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