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    You wake up early morning and notice a severe neck pain, how you feel? Bad absolutely! Waking up with a neck pain is not the way you want to begin your day with. In no time, it can bring a bad mood and make simple movements such as turning your head, painful. Well, the major cause of the neck pain is your sleeping position and the type of pillow you utilize or other sleep problems. If you know how, most of these can be rectified. In this blog, we have collected beneficial information from which you can do to put an end to your neck pain.
    Causes of Sore Neck When You Wake Up!
    While you sleep or the kind of pillow you utilize, you might not give much though to your body position. However, both your sleeping position and pillow can cause stiffness, sore neck and can result to back pain and alternative types of pain.
    In a study it was shown that sleeping issues might be at the depth of up to 5 per cent Trusted Source of latest cases of chronic pain. Various factors are easy to control that means that by making few changes you might be able to ease your neck pain and other types of pain also.
    Your Sleeping Position
    You all might be having your relaxing yet preferred sleeping position by which you find comfortable. But if you are sleeping on your stomach, you are not doing a good job for neck relaxation. However, when you sleep on your stomach, your neck might be twisted to one side for most of the time. This results in causing strain in your neck muscles and make them feel painful and stiff in the morning.
    Sleeping on your tummy can also put a strain or pressure on your back, specifically if you sleep on a mattress without much support.

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