Runescape just takes place in the northern hemisphere

  • Can you think developers should redo certain regions of RuneScape gold the map so they can add more content into the mainland and Karamja? Are the difficulties in doing this too high? It might take a lot of work, but it will keep obsolete areas exciting and fresh for many high leveled players. Additionally, there is the Eastern lands. We've been hearing for a while today mostly through the bolt stand salesman in Mortyania but little insight is given them on and it looks uncertain whether they exist or will be released. Do you believe these ever will be released, and if they are published, are they as large as the mainland?

    Finally, Runescape just takes place in the northern hemisphere. The cover of the map is frozen, such as the north pole, and the bottom is sexy, like the equator. Will we ever see a southern hemisphere? You don't need to reply to every point incidentally, I am just producing some questions for discussion. Personally, I believe they should update the mainland and Karamja so they could make those areas larger and include more content. I do not know the technical difficulties which come with this though.

    That is an absurdly long time and contributes to the lack of elderly players: they simply don't have enough time to play runescape and have a busy schedule too, whereas gamers of even more mainstream MMOs do. There are several motives runescape is so grind-full: The more time you've put into something, the longer you're most likely to keep playing. You've invested too much time into this game to start another. There's a consistent belief that the maximum level content is the best content. Amounts are larger, pixels are shinier, and also high level content is seemingly much more praised and desired by the community.

    The overabundance of high level players in content not always designed for them forces mid level players to get better in the game or not be able to do that content. A good instance is God Wars Dungeon: the four initial bosses clearly are not meant for 138s that may power through countless kills, but if you are not a 138, you do not have an opportunity: therefore the content is locked to a higher level. Skillcapes put unusual impetus to get a skill to 99 since every 99 now has an actual reward, even though there is no true content involving a mid to high level along with also a maxed level. This ensures that while the xp is terrible, players will continue going for that ability.

    Gamers loudly complain every time a skill is made easier as it"cheapens" the match. Zezima quit as things were too easy for newer gamers, and he wasn't alone. I'd like to see a discussion on how this could be fixed without wrecking the match. Is it an impossible solution? Here are my ideas: Add worthwhile content from the ground up. Reduce the severity of the xp curve from, say, 70 onwards. Skills should take more time to level, but not 10 times as much. That never used to be a problem until it became necessary to level that large. . .now it's for many people because there's actually up content there. But there needs to be a way of earning mid level content look more rewarding and not merely a means to an end (high level content) but cheap OSRS gold I am not sure what that could be.

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