How to delete cash app transaction?

  • If you have made any naughty purchase using your Cash App payment app, then the chances are high that you do not like anyone to get the wind of it. If so, you might like to know - How to delete Cash App transaction history. While some of you might be interested to know if they can hide Cash App transaction history or clear any payment permanently from your past Cash App payment history.
    Here is the answer to your questions. The truth is, you can't delete your Cash App transaction history. Also, hiding or clearing any Cash App payment from your past Cash App payment records is far from reality as of now. However, if you are stubborn about getting rid of your old payments records on Cash App, then you can think of deleting your Cash App account and creating a new one. Doing so, your old account will be disabled for always and your Cash App activity will go out of reach for everyone.

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