How to strengthen your knee?

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    In the body, one of the largest joints is the knee. We use it every day to walk, run, climb, or jump. Thanks to the same, it is also prone to a lot of injury and pain. A doctor might recommend exercises to help you to strengthen your muscles around the knee when these occur.
    Some of the Exercises to Strengthen Knees are:
    • Squats- The squats help in strengthening your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. You can stand in front of a chair while you do squats so that you can sit if your knees are unstable. It would help if you sat back and down as far as you can quickly go without letting your knees go beyond the toes while keeping your back straight. You can grow stronger with time, but you need to start with a quarter or half squats and build up to full squats.
    • Sit to stand- It is one of the best Exercises To Strengthen Knees. The exercise is quite simple as you need to sit down in a chair, again, then slowly rise to a standing position. You can use a low chair, keep your arms by your sides, hold weights in your hands, or rise and sit using just one leg and make it harder.

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