Auto tune in music

  • Origin of Auto tune:
    Auto tune is a software that automatically adjusts when singing to the correct notes of a song.
    Auto tune can be used in recording, used in live singing or even installed to sing karaoke online through the computer.
    Basically Auto Tune is a VST (integrated audio file) into audio management, recording, and editing software. Based on this application, the singers have the wrong notes or the singing is slightly weak, slightly higher than the notes of the song will be automatically adjusted to the correct notes in the standard chord of the song.
    Andy Hindebrand is the creator of Auto Tune.
    Today, it is used a lot in music. Songs and tonos de llamada gratis are also frequently used as music by this technology. It is intended to serve artists who do not even have a natural endowment. Give them a separate path, let us simply enjoy the charm of the music.

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