GXS Projects Progress Report Dec. 12th - 18th

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    Dear investors/fans, we would like to share our product, business, and community development progress for last week with you.

    Product development
    • Adds version number for witness_node and cli_wallet.
    • Adds throughput capacity statistics API for cli_wallet.
    • Optimizes computation for contribution ratio in data exchange.

    Mobile Wallet & DApp:
    • Optimizes loading speed.
    • Adds support for multiple account switch.
    • Adds receive amount display parameters for QR code.
    • We are hard working on mobile wallet 2.0, including DApp functions.
    • We will continue to optimize mobile wallet, let us know if you encountered any bugs.

    GXChain Explorer:
    • Adds position ranking functions, developed by community developer “moon”.
    • Adds eslint, dramatically modified codes for explorer, which will help to standardize developing in the future.

    Data exchange box:
    • Adds test/coding environment switch function, optimizes packing functions.
    • Merchant/data source verification will be arranged to a new platform, and the box will be used as a self-launch data products for developers.
    • Adds eslint, dramatically modified codes for explorer, which will help to standardize developing in the future.

    Last week, we had three community developers contribute in both bug fixes and application development.

    "Wolkin" develops GXChain API based on JAVA, https://github.com/wlma0301/GXS_JAVA_WEB.
    "Moon" develops witness voting explorer, http://gxs.imcrm.cn/witness.html.
    "amy" develops QR code generator for mobile wallet,http://amygxs.imcrm.cn/.
    "Moon" achieves to finalized a GXS holding explorer, code revirw and PR merge finished.
    "Moon" assists us to fix bugs on mobile wallet.

    We will reward those community developers with GXS based on their contributions, and we welcome other developers to contribute their codes and knowledges.

    Business & Community Development

    1. GXChain will attend and make a presentation on Blockchain Technology Application summit 2017 in Shanghai, 21th.
    2. GXChain held a “Fireside chats” last week. We live streamed project progress and answered questions regarding GXChain and GXS in live, we also learned a lot from our community investors and fans.
    3. To date, more than 9.33 Million GXS were locked for loyalty program, including 44% locked for 720 days to earn 8% APY.
    4. We will announce detailed GXS buyback and burning soon, the GXS bought will be sent to “null-account”, nobody has the private key, including our team.

    Team of GXChain
    Website: gxs.gxb.io/en/
    GXChain forum: forum.gxb.io
    Twitter: twitter.com/gongxinbao
    Telegram: t.me/GXB_International
    Steemit: steemit.com/@gxshares
    Slack: gxshares.herokuapp.com
    Github: github.com/gxchain/
    Block Explorer: block.gxb.io/#/
    GXS trading platforms https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@gxshares/gxs-trading-platforms

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