GXS Projects Progress Report Dec. 19th  - 25th

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    Dear investors/fans, we would like to share our product, business, and community development progress for last week with you.

    Product development

    • Adds historical transaction API, enabling return tamper-resistant historical transactions and page turning inquiries.
    • Upgrading codes for boost database.
    Mobile Wallet:
    • Adds eslint, dramatically modified codes for mobile wallet, facilitating to standardize future development.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Mobile wallet 2.0, which is GXChain DApp is under extensive development.

    GXChain Explorer:
    • Adds GXS position ranking in the home page.
    • Community developer “moon” fixes bugs in statistics logic.

    Data exchange box:
    • Optimizes packing functions.
    • Standardization for launch script and name of files.
    • Community developer "Wolkin" added history and database API based on Java. https://forum.gxb.io/topic/227

    Business & Community Development

    • GXChain “Fireside chats” 002 will hold on Thursday, 7:00 pm, in addition to project progress updates, our operations manager for Japan will attend the live streaming as well.
    • To date, more than 9.75 Million GXS were locked for loyalty program, including 59.2% locked for 720 days.
    • We are preparing launch events for mobile wallet 2.0 (DApp).
    • We bought back 4551 GXS from marketplace and sent to "null-account" for burning permanently. https://block.gxb.io/#/account/null-account

  • Great news! Looking forward to DApp...

  • @jscsjzy said in GXChain Projects Progress Report Dec. 19th - 25th:

    Great news! Looking forward to DApp...

    Great news! Looking forward to DApp... +1

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