Rsgoldfast - There is one sleeping guard

  • Single and Multi-player Strategies. Individual Game Strategy. Load on Bandages, as RuneScape gold they heal anywhere from 5-12HP (depending on your HP level), which you might need while battling the Enemy, in addition to a rope. When you have all of the bandages, run to the west side of this backyard, and hide behind whatever you can (there'll be a"Hide-Behind" option on several items ), wait till a guard has passed or can't watch you then run into the next location.

    When you get to a dip, hide inside it. There is one sleeping guard, if you run by it it'll wake up and kick you out, so be sure you're walking. Climb the ladder up, and wield your bow and arrow(s). Try to"Fire-at" Windowsill, and depend on your ranged level you should hit it and make a zipline for youpersonally, or the arrow will overlook. Whenever you've got a line, pick"Hang-across" and you are going to begin moving across the line. In case you've got a very low agility, you might fall into a bush but nothing will happen.

    Now you are in the home, specifically the toilet. There are no guards in here, so ensure that you check from the hallway there are no guards there. After the hallway is clear of guards, then depart the door and rush into the closest area, a bedroom. There's one shield, facing the window. Switch run OFF, and walk into the guard. Ensure you don't walk within him, or he'll kick you out of the entire place.

    Walk behind him, and assault or pickpocket him. He has 20hp, so attempt to make a quick kill, or if you've got a good thieving (60+) Pickpocket him. He will drop/receive a Guard helmet. This merchandise is crucial. Place it on, and take all your other armor except your weapon off. Exit the area, with run off, into the hallway. Walk past any guards to the last room, at the end of the hallway. When no guards are facing you, put on your armor and open the door. The hostage-taker will strike you with variety and melee.

    He is level 108 with 450HP, which makes it a small struggle to kill. Throughout the fight, guards can enter the space and attack you. When he's dead, then talk to the Hostage, and scale out the window and then run to the exit, with numerous level 35's ranging you. There can, occasionally, be around 20 guards attacking you, so be cautious and quick. When you depart, you will be given a reward: Money, a Rune item, Runes, or even a Kandarin Shield, equivalent to Adamant, and will allow you to get to a location where 3 Hostage Guards are resting, to kill.Fishing Rod, fantastic meals, armor and buy old school runescape gold battle level.

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