GXS Projects Progress Report Jan. 8th  - 12th

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    Dear investors/fans, we would like to share our product, business, and community development progress for last week with you.

    Product development

    • Optimize Wallet API performance.
    • Practicing virtual machine for blockchain application.
    Mobile Wallet:
    • Optimize RAM usage, reducing 99% traffic load for the wallet.
    • Close the entrance for loyalty program, and keep the entrance for historical records.

    GXChain Dapp:
    • Launches functions in Blockcity, including mining, increasing hash rate, identification tags.
    • More functions for increase hash rate is under actively development.

    Business & Community Development

    • The first “to customer” application(Dapp) on GXChain, Blockcity, launched on January, 12th. Blockcity reached 9999 residents in 27 minutes of opening, 50k residents in less than 7 hours, and 200k residents in 3 days of opening. Currently, Blockcity is opened for China only, and will open to more countries in the future. We will continually optimize the experience in Blockcity, and add new services.
    • GXChain builds collaboration with http://www.unlimitedip.com.cn/, it is a copyright online trading platform using blockchain. We will put UIP token, issued by this project to Blockcity mining pool as well.
    • 9 more Companies signed with GXChain for collaboration, including Shanghai Rongdu Asset Management Co., Ltd., www.boyacx.com/, http://www.uicredit.cn/, http://www.qzqsd.com/, etc.

    • The entrance for GXChain loyalty program has been closed, 11.6 Million of GXS are investing to earn 4-8% annual percentage yield, including 60% for 720 days. We are thankful and impressed by such a lot investors who trust us.

    Team of GXChain

    Website: gxs.gxb.io/en/
    Twitter: twitter.com/gongxinbao
    Telegram: t.me/GXB_International
    Steemit: steemit.com/@gxshares
    Slack: gxshares.herokuapp.com
    Github: github.com/gxchain/
    GXB Block Explorer: block.gxb.io/#/

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