GXS Projects Progress Report Jan. 15th - 21th

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    Dear investors/fans, we would like to share our product, business, and community development progress for last week with you.

    Product development

    • Optimizes wallet performance, solves high RAM usage issue for wallet API
    • Implements virtual machine for blockchain application
    Mobile Wallet & Dapp
    • Adjusts structures of each module
    • Adds support for UnlimitedIP(UIP) Token
    • Optimizes authorization functions
    • Adds daily check-in functions
    • Optimizes translations for English version
    • Adds and stabilizes local storage for mobile wallet

    Business & Community Development

    • Residents at Blockcity passed 300K now, including 23 Million times of rewards of GXS and UIP. We will continuously optimize user experience and develop more useful applications on Blockcity.
    • GXChain builds collaboration with more than 10 blockchain projects, we will offer more kinds of cryptocurrencies for mining on Blockcity.
    • Last weekend, GXChain operations team attended Cyanhill Capital Conference, introducing GXChain and Blockcity to attendee. Developer team attended Graphene Developers' Conference, Haoxiang Lan, core developer of GXChain presented how we built a decentralized data marketplace based on graphene technology.

    Team of GXChain

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