GXS Projects Progress Report Jan. 22  -  29th

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    Product development

    • Optimizes performance of wallet API
    • Adds API for loyalty program inquiry
    • Adds API for register_account2, supporting payment with multiple assets
    GXChain Dapp
    • Blockcity wallet support finished, will be added this week
    • Adds support for ATM and MAG Token, which will be mineable this week
    • Optimizes API cache and get ready for incoming traffic rise
    • Developing next version for 2018 lunar New Year

    Business & Community Development

    • Residents at Blockcity passed 430000, including 50 Million times of rewards. We will continuously develop more useful applications on Blockcity.
    • GXChain builds collaboration with Asch, ATM, and MAG projects. Besides GXS, Blockcity mining pool can mine 3 more different kinds of tokens, and we will add more in the future.
    • Last Wednesday, GXChain team meet with Hyperledger’s VP Julian Gordon and Global Community Architect Tracy Kuhrt, discussed fabric structure, open source community, and further business development works.
    alt text
    • GXChain passed all verification by China Telecom Cloud Computing Research Center, performance of GXChain receive massive recognition. We will add virtual machine for GXChain in the future.
    alt text

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