GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 12th — 19th

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    Product Development
    • Adds check account status API and memo decryption API, supporting deposit and withdraw for Blockcity
    • Finishes blockchain as a service(BaaS) API development, under final test
    • Researching implement virtual machine on GXChain

    Blockcity & GXS wallet
    • Adds EKT and NULS tokens to the Blockcity mining pool
    • Finishes GXS withdraw function development and testing
    • Finishes transfer module development and test for native iOS mobile wallet, this version will provide more stable, smooth and secure user experience

    Business & Community Development
    • Blockcity now have 1.04 million real name users.
    • Blockcity will launch its first app — LendChain, it is open to the 9999 genesis members.
    • Introduces NULS token to Blockcity mining pool, minimum hash rate for mining this token is 275. We will add more real projects backed token in the future.
    • GXS withdraw will be available this week, we will let you know by our social media.
    • Minqiang Huang, CEO of GXChain, attended two blockchain community meetups to share thoughts on the value of blockchain using GXChain and Blockcity as examples.

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