GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 27th — Apr. 2th

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    Product development
    • Fixes cache issues of get_account API on cli_wallet.
    • Fixes unexpected disconnect for p2p nodes.
    • Adds a new API for cli_wallet, pave way for transaction fee collection of new issued assets.
    • Researching implement virtual machine on GXChain.

    Blockcity & GXS wallet
    • First app on Blockcity, Yu’B Bao, a low risk cryptocurrency lending service, with 12% annual percentage yield (APY). Sold out in 15 seconds.
    • Txid displays on blockcity for GXS withdrawal.
    • In the meantime, we are designing more hash rate quests for users, will disclose them soon.

    Business & Community Development
    • GXS foundation invested blockchain based real estate renting project — Lucia, valued 300 Million CNY. Lucia project is aiming to solve information asymmetry problems on renting market.
    • Another project on GXChain — Lendchain is under final test, will open public test for Blockcity users later this month.
    • To date, we received 548 applications for app development on Blockcity, we will choose some projects move forward.
    • Vincent Huang, Co-Founder of GXChain, presented “Blockcity as central business district in the future” at 2018 China blockchain technology & DAPP summit forum at Beijing on 29th March.
    • GXS wallet accounts doubled from 298K to 607K in less than 2 months, thanks to the popularity of blockcity.

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