Two Virus Ti's connected to one Computer (Crashing Problem)

  • HI,

    Anyone have two Virus Ti's and is successfully connecting both via USB to their Computer/DAW, and running two instances of VControl VST-Plug-in, one for each Virut Ti ? I have a Virus Ti (Keyboard), and Virus Ti2 (Desktop), both connected to my PC/Windows 7 Pro, Cubase 6.5, via USB, I can run one instance of the VControl in Cubase 6.5 to control one of the Virus Tis, but if I add a second VC VST the system crashes ! Q. How do you know which VC is associated with a specific Virus Ti ? Could I be using the same VC assigned to one of the Viruses to control the other Virus, hence the crash ? Any feedback on this would be helpful. I know that it is rare to find two Virus Ti's in studios, but if anyone has this type of setup, I would like to get some feedback on how you are managing to control both Ti's on your DAW, and figure out what I'm doing wrong here, that is causing my system to crash.

    Please help.

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