local GUI controlling local retroshare backend

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    It seems a lot of effort has gone into separating out the pure backend side (retroshare-nogui) from the C++/Qt presentation application. I think this means that it should be possible to have a nice clean interface between the two, with one really solid backend doing all the work, and potentially many different GUI applications running on top of it.I've already seen some attempts like retroflux but the interface seems to be via ssh, so maybe this is a more general, networked approach than a simple local solution. On the wiki page "Documentation:retroshare-nogui" it lists two separate communication mechanisms, RPC and SSH. But an SSH key appears to be necessary for both, is that right? The blog page about DjRS talks about the "SSH RPC" protocol, so maybe they're the same?What I'd really like to see is a "foolproof" way of getting retroshare-nogui installed from the official retroshare site, and then a "foolproof" way of providing a local cross-platform application to access it. Preferably without entering a complicated series of commands to get things connected (it has to be possible to persuade other people to run this too and they're not all technical!). I kind of assumed that if everything's on the same PC then the programs can talk to each other, but do I need to use either RPC or SSH ? Are there any significant differences between the two if they're both on the same machine?

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