95 gxs with 91 tsi guts rebuild questions

  • HI,

    Have my 95 gsx trans apart again.Originally my intermediate shaft went through my end cover. So on the shelf I had a 91 tsi trans so like a little puzzle I put the
    diff, cent diff,out shift,input,5th,and intermediate shaft from the 91 in. I was able to use the double 2nd sync from the 95.Then I figured out 3-4 shift rail from the 91 had to go in too. Only new parts: spacer shims and seals.Shifted like new! Very happy about that...But I had this noise, Sounded like the 5th gear syncro chatter like in your video clip. Intermittent, mostly when cold,in neutral at Idle and low RPM not from the end cover and silver gear oil.I found it, I think, the tapper-ed roller bearing race cage on the bellhousing side of the output shaft was chattering and carving a groove in the housing. Should I grind out a groove in the case so the new race does not do the same thing?I wonder if that was my noise? Why was it chattering?

    Please help.

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