Space Traveler - Wildfire 2.0 issue

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    After seeing one of my clients easily navigate through his Wildfire 2.0 assembly with a SpaceTraveler, my company decided to pick one up for me. It really is quite an amazing tool. Unfortunately, I'm having a most strange issue with it. Using the Space Traveler with my mouse is impossible. It's almost like it is completely disabled. It takes minute to process every mouse pick, and my computer is sounds as though it is breathing it's last breath. As if this is not strange enough, as soon as I open the 3D Connection Control Panel, the SpaceTraveler is disabled, and my mouse works perfectly. The assemblies that I have this issue with are relatively small. And to make matters even stranger, I don't have this issue at all when I open a simple part, like a washer.Just some basic background info: I'm running Wildfire 2.0 on a Windows XP PC. Both software packages are up to date. Any ideas?

    Please help.

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